Raymond Persinger
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Sculpture of C. C. Chapman, by Sculptor Raymond Persinger, Chapman University, Orange, California

Sculpture of C. C. Chapman By Raymond Persinger.
Unveiled September 10, 2001.
It is located at the entrance of Chapman University in Orange, California.
The quote is taken from a letter written by C. C. Chapman, to his grandson.
It is great life advice, and it was hoped by the artist, that it would help guide the students at Chapman University.
Many students found comfort in the words when, the day after the unveiling, our great nation suffered such tragedy.


I can liken life before you . . . .
to that of a ship with its prow pointed toward the great ocean as it leaves the harbor for the distant shore. Storms may come and they will, for no ship ever sailed the seas but had to face the storm. If it is strong from keel to top, from bow to stern, well maintained and intelligently directed, it rides the storm and goes on its way. So you will meet obstacles, storms. If you are strong in faith, clear headed, honest, trusting for divine guidance and with a character built on the solid rock, you will meet all troubles victoriously.

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